The Board’s role is to consider sustainability issues, e.g. environmental and social factors, as part of its strategic formulation. 

Building Sustainability for Nonprofit Organizations

The board for the organization should assess its structure in terms of whether members have conflicts of interest that hinder effective performance. Measures should be taken to reduce conflicts of interest. For example, internal documents could be amended to limit the ability of Council members to hold office in other organizations. The score for this criterion can be set depending on the presence or absence of conflicts of interest, or on the presence or absence of appropriate restrictions that reduce conflicts of interest.

Resource constraints, the existence of which predetermined attention to the problems of sustainability, are of a complex nature and are associated not only with the limited nature of raw materials but also with the interaction at the biosphere. Therefore, the concept of sustainable development implies a stable socio-economic balanced development that does not destroy the natural environment and ensures the continuous progress of society.

As the analysis shows, in the process of enterprise management, the only goal of obtaining and maximizing profits should not be achieved. The sustainable development of an enterprise is determined by the enterprise’s ability to adapt to the effects of the external environment on the basis of choosing the most effective scientifically grounded management actions in the interests of the enterprise itself and society as a whole. The traditional mechanisms for a market economy to adapt to changing market conditions to maintain sustainability include technical and technological innovation.

Step-by-step Structure on Building a Sustainable Board for Your Organization

Humanity in its existence cannot but be a community, that is a social organization or system, and not conduct economic activity. Any society as a community of people interconnected in a certain way (family, labor collective, population of a village, city, region, country) needs a managing organization in its economic activity since economic activity cannot be effective and creative if it is not purposeful and does not have a specific management structure.

Take a look at the best way to build a sustainable board for your organization:

  1. Know What Sustainability Means To You.
  2. Seek Continuous Feedback.
  3. Work With The Right People.
  4. Build The Right Infrastructure.
  5. Focus On Getting And Retaining Clients.
  6. Be Present In The Moment.
  7. Create A Vision To Anchor Yourself.
  8. Answer These Two Questions.

A separate item in assessing the work of the board for your organization as a whole is the assessment of the psychological atmosphere in the Board. The success of the decisions made depends on the psychological atmosphere of the work. Each member of the Council must give his personal assessment of the current psychological atmosphere. Based on the results of the assessment, the Board of Directors should identify those aspects that require improvement. Becoming a member of an organization, each of us gradually assimilates its rules and norms of behavior, as well as ideals that can later become the value and life guidelines of the individual.

The board for your organization is characterized by the fact that any corporate culture develops effectively only due to the fact that its postulates, norms, and values are shared by personnel. If the degree of separability is higher, then norms and values, codes, and other structural elements of corporate culture have a more significant and strong influence on the behavior of the organization’s personnel.